A Fond Farewell from ESTA...

Dear Friends,

Since ESTA’s beginnings, the field of creativity and aging has blossomed. Today older people in their communities throughout the United States and internationally can celebrate their role as keepers of their culture through the arts. 

Elders Share the Arts will be drawing to a close our fruitful 40-year history on June 30, 2018. We are passing on our exemplary programs to well-established organizations in the field and establishing a Creative Aging archive at the University of Massachusettes/Amherst in their National Arts Policy Archives and Library. This decision reflects the growth of the field and our understanding that the work continues with like-minded professional organizations.

The time has come and we are now moving out of our wonderful office at A.R.T./New York South Oxford Space.

I founded ESTA because of my love for the stories that connect people to themselves and to their communities. The arts offer people wonderful ways of fully expressing their stories and passing on their legacies. It has been a true joy and honor to work at something you believe in.

I look forward to learning about how you carry on the work!

Thank you.  Carry it on…..

Susan Perlstein
ESTA Founder and Executive Director

Important News

As of June 30, 2018, Elders Share the Arts (ESTA) has drawn to a close its long and fruitful 40th-year history.
ESTA, a small New York City arts service organization, pioneered the field of creative aging which is now flourishing.

We are passing on our stellar programs (Pearls of Wisdom, History Alive, and Legacy Arts) to like minded arts organizations.
We have fulfilled our mission and are proud to pass the torch.

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Transforming Memory into Art

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Elders Share the Arts offers high-caliber arts programming that ignites creative expression, cultivates elders' role as bearers of history and culture, and generates new pathways to connect them to their communities. ESTA's residencies are a springboard for developing and researching replicable programs, and through our training we provide opportunities for organizations to help serve this growing population.


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