Janice Blanchard has worked for 20+ years as a sociologist and gerontologist, and has championed the notion of creating a positive culture of aging in her work with academic, government, non-profit and corporate organizations. Janice enjoys burning the midnight oil to research, write and connect the dots of social trends in aging. Her scholarship and leadership in the grassroots "aging in community" movement has been noted, quoted and published in such publications as the New York Times, U.S. News and World Report, Today’s Geriatric Medicine, Generations and The CSA Journal. Peer pressure led her to edit the foundational book, Aging in Community (2013), and start a consultant group, Aging Better, Together that provides educational workshops for older adults and training for aging professionals on how to maximize one's potential to age in their own home, while staying meaningfully connected and engaged with their community. In 2014, she co-founded with a national team of experts a new paradigm of housing development, Mosaic Communities, intentionally designed to maximize the potential of aging better, together - at any age.