Life Collage

Life Collage is an evidence-based, health promotion program developed by ESTA, designed to teach elders how to create collages based on experiences from their lives. Within a group setting, the elders use social interaction to remember their life stories and transform them into visual art. Evaluated over a period of several years, the program has demonstrated improved health for the individual participants.

ESTA also provides a training program in Life Collage for staff or volunteers, ideally with some background and/or interest in the arts, who are working with well elders in senior centers, NORCs, and other community-based sites. In various training formats, ESTA trains professionals in a 5-step process to create collages that demonstrate how this format can be used to encourage elders to share their life experiences. Once professionals complete their training in Life Collage, they are equipped with the skills to run ongoing classes in Life Collage at their respective sites. ESTA also offers training in Life Collage for professionals working with frail elders. For more information see Arts in Dementia Care.